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Meet Munni

You can be instrumental in changing lives like Munni Akhter’s (left). At 9 years old, Munni lost her mother to COVID-19, and just a year later, her father passed away from a stroke.

Can you imagine unexpectedly losing both of your parents, your foundation, at such a young age? For Munni, it was devastating.


After Munni’s parents passed away, she lived without access to the most basic necessities and education. Munni shared, “School was very far from my home, so I couldn’t go regularly.” She also had to drink and bathe in dirty water from a nearby pond, the only available source of water.

Click Here to read more of Munni's story.

Afsana and Shahana

You make a difference for girls like Afsana. Looking at her and her sister's smiling faces, you would never guess the hardship they have faced. 


Life for these girls changed forever when their father suddenly lost his vision and was unable to work. Desperate to escape life-threatening poverty, their mother left behind her blind husband, 4-year-old Afsana, and 2-year-old Shahana. Read here to learn about how they made their way to the Ibrahimpur Orphanage.

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