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Intern or Volunteer

You can make an impact.

Intern or volunteer with For Kids’ Sake International (FKSI), an international non-profit based in Carbondale, IL, that supports orphans and students in Bangladesh. Use your skills and time to empower thousands of underprivileged children and families to succeed.

Call Us (618) 529-5044  or Email us


  • Gain work experience while learning the day-to-day operations of an international non-profit organization


  • Apply for positions year-round; internships require four hours per week minimum for at least one semester


  • Be a student leader: Southern Illinois University (SIU) interns are considered for officer positions in the registered student organization, Students For Kids’ Sake International


  • Respond to monthly call-outs for diverse and flexible volunteer opportunities

  • Be a part of the Superhero 5K Run/Walk, an Art Auction, Mailings and other Fundraising Campaigns

Make a Difference

  • Join FKSI’s mission to uplift entire villages by providing basic needs and education for underprivileged children and families

  • Gain a sense of global awareness

  • Receive valuable hands-on work experience

  • Earn certified volunteer hours required for scholarships, National Honor Society, Greek organizations, Key Club, SIU University Honors Program and other organizations

  • Receive letters of recommendation

  • Opportunity to earn class credit



We started the Students For Kids’ Sake International (FKSI) RSO because it would allow us to utilize the many resources of living near a college campus and expand FKSI further. More importantly, it also allowed us to get more involved to lead and serve this global cause in our own personal way, and to share an organization that we care so much about with other students of all different backgrounds. It has helped us meet new, like-minded students, come up with new ideas to help support FKSI, and also reminded us of why we do this. Through Students For Kids’ Sake International, other students can find opportunities to serve such a wonderful cause and stay globally-minded. They can be inspired by and get involved with such a strong community, and get real world experience. Out of all the places I have volunteered at, For Kids’ Sake International welcomes everyone with open arms, open hearts, and open minds the most. Not only does this cause inspire me and make what we do so rewarding, but I am surrounded by some of the most genuine and kind people I have ever met in my life which makes me a better human being and better able to change this world.


—  Liz

Student's For Kids' Sake
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