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Thank You for Supporting Fardeen


Fardeen, 23

I want to send my love to the children!

Your continued support is imperative. You provide orphans like Fardeen with the means to survive. Without you, they could never think to achieve their dreams.


As an only child, Fardeen was three years old when his father tragically died. His mother did everything she could to take care of him, but it was just too difficult. At five years old, Fardeen moved to an FKSI supported orphanage in Bangladesh.


Fardeen only saw his mother occasionally. The Ibrahimpur Orphanage became his new home. He thrived in this loving, safe environment, received an award-winning education while having all his basic needs met.

At 23 Fardeen helped to manage the daily operations at the Ibrahimpur Orphanage. He served as a mentor to the other kids while working to complete his college degree!


Put your compassion into action and uplift underprivileged children like Fardeen with a generous contribution.

To donate by check:

Make check/money order payable to For Kids’ Sake International and mail to:

For Kids’ Sake International, 100 East Jackson Street, Suite C, Carbondale, IL 62901


You can also give over the phone: 618-529-5044

All donations, unless otherwise noted, will be used where the funds are needed most at any given time.

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