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Thank You for Supporting kids like Munni

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Munni (left), 12, Ibrahimpur Orphanage

$63 supports one child for a month.
How many months will you support?

You can be instrumental in changing lives like Munni Akter’s. At 9 years old, Munni lost her mother to COVID-19, and just a year later, her father passed away from a stroke.

Can you imagine unexpectedly losing both of your parents, your foundation, at such a young age? For Munni, it was devastating.

After Munni’s parents passed away, she lived without access to the most basic necessities and education. Munni shared, “School was very far from my home, so I couldn’t go regularly.” She also had to drink and bathe in dirty water from a nearby pond, the only available source of water.

Without enough food to eat, clean water to drink, or an education, it is unlikely Munni could have ever escaped extreme poverty.

That’s where you come in. $63 per month is all it takes to transform Munni’s life forever! Your monthly contribution of $63 (or a one-time gift of $750) will cover the cost of meals, clean water, medical care, shelter, clothing, and an award-winning education for one child for an entire year.

Munni is counting on you. Will you make a life-changing contribution? Children you may never meet will have their lives changed forever because you read this note and took action.

Today, Munni feels safe and loved. She is one of 36 girls that now calls the FKSI Ibrahimpur Girls Dormitory “home.” Munni’s favorite subject is math, and she dreams of becoming a doctor. She recently voiced, “I deeply pray for For Kids’ Sake International supporters and those that work day and night to provide us with everything we need.” Munni knows the transformation in her life wouldn’t be possible without you.

To donate by check:

Make check/money order payable to For Kids’ Sake International and mail to:

For Kids’ Sake International, 100 East Jackson Street, Suite C, Carbondale, IL 62901


You can also give over the phone: 618-529-5044

All donations, unless otherwise noted, will be used where the funds are needed most at any given time.

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