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Your Impact in Bangladesh

Your contributions provide a better life for thousands of children in Bangladesh. With your support, every child has three meals a day, clean drinking water, a bed to sleep in, and access to high quality medical care and education. In addition, your support provides for continual improvements in infrastructure and cottage industry development.  The year-by-year progress is outlined below.


As COVID cases rose globally, Bangladeshi schools closed nationwide on January 21, 2022. Fortunately, our team developed a "homeschooling" program for the kids in the orphanages during this lockdown.



A new two-story school building at Satbaria is currently under construction. The existing 40-year-old building has limited capacity due to severe cracking throughout the walls. 


The Bangladeshi government awarded our Ibrahimpur School with a grant that fully funds the construction of a new four-story wing at the Ibrahimpur School.


You Can Help These Kids Today

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