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Be A Business Hero

Your annual or monthly support helps maintain the loving stability provided for the children at FKSI-supported programs around the world!

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Our Business Heroes bring so much joy to the children!

*Call 618-529-5044 to start giving monthly over the phone or set up automated Bill Pay to:

For Kids' Sake International,

100 E. Jackson St, Ste C, Carbondale, IL 62901

Exciting Changes

In January 2023, we reincorporated as a new nonprofit organization, For Kids' Sake International. In this way we can serve more children and families in a greater variety of venues. After years of hosting fundraising events, we are taking some time to pause. Restructuring FKSI will help us expand to meet the growing needs of the kids. The kids need supporters like you more than ever.


In lieu of being an event sponsor, would you become a cherished Business Hero of FKSI? The Business Hero program encourages businesses to contribute on either a monthly or annual basis in exchange for promotions year-round. For example, at $63 per month, your organization would contribute $750 in 12 months, which can support an orphan for an entire year! Recurring monthly contributions provide the greatest stability for meeting the children’s basic needs.


As a $750 Business Hero, your organization will be promoted on our website, social media, emails, annual report, and you’ll additionally receive a dedicated email spotlight, a photo and letter from a child you’re supporting, a photographed check presentation and Business Hero T-shirts with your logo! Download sponsorship options and contract here!


Passion to help underprivileged children has fueled this expansion, and your support is needed now. Our Bangladeshi team is facing a devastating 45% inflation. Meanwhile we’ve taken on additional grassroots programs in Turkey, Botswana, and The Gambia – all focused on providing basic needs and education for children who have been tragically affected. We’re also happy to announce that we’re discussing supporting local children and families in Southern Illinois.


Just like your business needs customers every day, these kids need meals every day. Instead of a one-time donation in exchange for a month of promotions, we request you to become a Business Hero with a monthly contribution for year-round promotions.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the benefits of converting a one-time, annual sponsorships into monthly installments, please call me at 618-529-5044. We’d be happy to answer your questions and help you set it up. Of course, you can always still make a one-time annual, tax-deductible donation.


Your involvement and support for the kids literally means everything. I look forward to working together to help some of the world’s most vulnerable children.

Stay tuned for greater ways to have a direct impact on the children by sponsoring a specific project in 2024.

Support Shakib as Business Hero

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I'd like to you to tell you about Shakib, one of the kids you support. When Shakib’s father died suddenly in a car accident, he left behind a grieving family. Shakib’s mother did her best to care for her five children, however, without an education, she was unable to find work. There wasn’t enough to eat, and they couldn’t afford to go to school.


In desperation, Shakib’s mother searched for help. She brought her son to the For Kids' Sake International supported Satbaria Orphanage, hoping he would have a better life.


Today, Shakib is thriving. Instead of worrying about getting enough to eat, he can spend time with friends and dream of a brighter future. He gets to attend a top-notch school where he enjoys language as his favorite subject.


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