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Contribute monthly to maintain the loving stability provided for the kids at all of our supported programs

like Bangladesh and The Gambia


Meet Amie from The Gambia

You make a difference for girls like Amie. The newly formed For Kids' Sake International permits us to support children and families beyond the borders of Bangladesh. This allows us to partner with organizations that share a common vision. For example, Gambia Bayoolu is a nonprofit that provides West African orphans with their basic needs. Gambia Bayoolu offers food, school supplies, IT and vocational training, as well as crisis intervention and more!

Amie’s life forever changed thanks to Gambia Bayoolu. When Amie’s father died, her mother struggled to provide for her and five siblings. For the last four years Gambia Bayoolu helped to cover the costs of her education. This enabled her to finish high school, and she is now in a medical program to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse!


You have the power to transform lives like that of Amie when you renew your commitment to FKSI with a tax-deductible contribution today.

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Friends of FKSI are our most impactful supporters who provide loving stability in an increasingly unstable world.

Thank you for standing alongside underprivileged children as they work hard to better their lives. Your investment in FKSI transforms and inspires so many — thank you.

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