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Be A Friend

Contribute monthly to maintain the loving stability provided for the kids in six FKSI-supported orphanages and schools.

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There's space for 150 Friends of FKSI to fill up the new orphanage building. Become the next green "Friend" when you sign up.

*Call 618-529-5044 to start giving monthly over the phone or set up automated Bill Pay to:

For Kids' Sake International,

100 E. Jackson St, Ste C, Carbondale, IL 62901

Meet Afsana and Shahana

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You make a difference for girls like Afsana. Looking at her and her sister's smiling faces above, you would never guess the hardship they have faced. 


Life for these girls changed forever when their father suddenly lost his vision and was unable to work. Desperate to escape life-threatening poverty, their mother left behind her blind husband, 4-year-old Afsana, and 2-year-old Shahana. With very few options, the family moved in with an aunt. 


Over the next five years, Afsana and Shahana started to grow up without regular access to some of the most basic necessities. Their only sources of water were nearby ponds or a tube well in a distant village. The family simply couldn't afford to send the girls to school or ensure everyone had enough to eat.


Heartbroken and unable to provide for his children, Afsana's father was living a parent's worst nightmare. Then, the family found a way to offer the girls a better life. Afsana and Shahana were brought to the FKSI-supported Ibrahimpur Orphanage.

The first few days were difficult. The girls were both deeply upset to leave behind the life they had known.

However, they quickly made friends with girls who have similar, heart-wrenching stories.

Today, Afsana and Shahana have lived at Ibrahimpur for one year. They have everything they need to thrive: three meals a day, beds of their own, access to medical care, and a top-ranked education. Afsana lights up when you ask her about her new friends, Shafia and Nusrat, and her favorite thing to do is play badminton. "Staying here, we don't feel the absence of our home," Afsana recently shared. This is only possible thanks to supporters like you.

Why Now?

This year, the boys living at the FKSI-supported Ibrahimpur Orphanage in Bangladesh need a new home. The current orphanage building is over 40 years old, and it is literally falling apart. The kids have evacuated half of the building already. There is an everyday worry about their safety. Unfortunately, we simply don’t have the funds to secure them a new home, yet.

It will take a minimum of $350,000 to build one new orphanage building. It will take $580,000 to build the new building and cover the regular ongoing care and education for the kids.


I hope at this point you’re wondering how you can help. Our response... Be a Friend.


Friends of For Kids' Sake International give monthly. As a Friend of FKSI, you provide loving stability for the kids through these massive changes, guaranteeing that they will not have to worry about where their next meal will come from, ever. 150 new Friends of FKSI will help maintain that loving stability for the kids during this transition. 

Ryan, will you be one of those 150 new Friends of FKSI?


Just $63/month is all it takes to cover one child's needs and education.

It’s so easy to sign up – simply use the form at the top of the page, or call 618-529-5044. It only takes a big heart and about two minutes of your time. 

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