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Success Stories

For Kids' Sake International (FKSI) supports live-in facilities and the basic needs of food, clothing, housing, healthcare, education and a safe environment for 550 orphans, ranging from 5 - 18 years old. We also support quality education for 4,000 village students from kindergarten through high school.


The orphans come to the projects from harsh circumstances including extreme poverty and broken homes. They rarely have the opportunity to focus on their education. With FKSI's support, all the basic needs are provided, and the children relish the chance to concentrate on their studies. Growing up in FKSI-supported facilities changes the course of their lives forever. Below are several success stories that will warm your heart!



Robiul - Past Resident of Ibrahimpur Orphanage

If you knew Robiul as a child, you would never have guessed that this would be his future!  A testament to the impact of your support. A graduate from our For Kids' Sake International Ibrahimpur School, he was accepted for admission to Dhaka University, Bangladesh's oldest and most prestigious university.  He impressed everyone by scoring 86th out of 43,000 applicants!


Robiul grew up in a home that couldn't make ends meet.  Robiul's older brother dropped out of school and worked tirelessly to care for his six siblings.  However, it just wasn't enough.


At 12 years old, Robiul went to the Ibrahimpur Orphanage and School with hopes for a brighter future.  He took full advantage of the opportunity and scored at the top of his class on the 10th & 12th grade national exams.

His dedication to academics impressed his teachers so much, they made personal donations to help his transition into college.  Robiul also received a For Kids' Sake International Scholarship.  


"Robiul is passionate.  He knows what he is doing, and he will soon achieve his vision," shared Mahmood Ullah, Operations Director in Bangladesh.  Robiul's vision includes studying law and one day serving vulnerable children in Bangladesh.


bubacarr and breakfast_edited.jpg

Bubacarr is a testament to the impact of your support. He became one of the youngest sponsored orphans for The Gambia Bayoolu at 6 years old. Now, eight years old he is a lovable, witty, curious and happy young boy.

His father disappeared when the migrant boat he was on capsized in the Mediterranean Sea. Bubacarr now lives with his uncle and grandmother.


The Gambia Bayoolu makes it possible for him to go to Primary school and IT school.  They pay school fees, supplies and uniform.  As well, The Gambia Bayoolu meets other basic needs such as clothing, transportation, mentoring, and monthly food distribution for his foster family.

Bubacarr 8, eating breakfast before IT School



Fardeen, 23 at Ibrahimpur Orphanage

As an only child, Fardeen was three years old when his father tragically died. His mother did everything she could to take care of him, but it was just too difficult. At five years old, Fardeen moved to an FKSI supported orphanage in Bangladesh.


Fardeen only saw his mother occasionally. The Ibrahimpur Orphanage became his new home. He thrived in this loving, safe environment, received an award-winning education while having all his basic needs met.



At 23 Fardeen now helps to manage the daily operations at the Ibrahimpur Orphanage. He serves as a mentor to the other kids while working to complete his college degree!


Put your compassion into action and uplift underprivileged children like Fardeen with a generous contribution.



Amie in her new uniform for nurses' training provided by The Gambia Bayoolu

The newly formed For Kids' Sake International permits us to support children and families beyond the borders of Bangladesh. This allows us to partner with organizations that share a common vision. For example, Gambia Bayoolu is a nonprofit that provides West African orphans with their basic needs. Gambia Bayoolu offers food, school supplies, IT and vocational training, as well as crisis intervention and more!

Amie’s life forever changed thanks to Gambia Bayoolu. When Amie’s father died, her mother struggled to provide for her and five siblings. For the last four years Gambia Bayoolu helped to cover the costs of her education. This enabled her to finish high school, and she is now in a medical program to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse!


You have the power to transform lives like that of Amie when you renew your commitment to FKSI with a tax-deductible contribution today.



Mithila and Shohan's lives changed forever when their father passed away two years ago. Their mother was heartbroken and unable to provide for her children. In a recent interview, Mithila shared, "It was very hard... if we ate one time, we starved twice." 


Mithila came to the Ibrahimpur Orphanage with an eye condition called strabismus. This is often caused by the eye attempting to overcompensate for a vision problem. Untreated, it can lead to permanent blurred or double vision.

Mithila was already experiencing vision problems, leading our team to seek specialized medical advice. After consulting with multiple doctors, she recently underwent corrective surgery. 

The surgery was a success! Today, Mithila is happily recovering and has a bright future ahead.

Mithila (8) and her brother, Shohan (7),
at the For Kids' Sake Ibrahimpur Orphanage


Living at the Ibrahimpur Orphanage, Mithila and Shohan are both thriving. They have three meals a day, clothing, shelter, medical care, and an award-winning education.


This level of care would not be possible without people like you.




Shamim, the youngest of seven, came to Ibrahimpur from Sylhet, Bangladesh when he was only five years old after his mother's passing. “God took her,” he told us, “and my father is mad,” referring to his father, who is mentally unstable.


At 14 years old, chemistry is his favorite subject. His dream is to become a university professor. Shamim’s favorite part about living at Ibrahimpur is being with the other kids and sharing meals.

Through the support of people like you, from all over the world, Shamim has hope for his future. He is strikingly tender, innocent and radiant. In spite of great tragedy, Shamim still has immense gratitude for his life. Ibrahimpur is his home, and he is happy. When asked if he felt anything needed to change at Ibrahimpur, he answered, “It is perfect here.”


Fati w youtube Logo.jpg

When Fatima was just 4 years old, her father left. When her mother could no longer take care of her, Fatima was brought to the Ibrahimpur Girls Dormitory. Click on the photo (left) to hear Fatima's story in her own words.

Abdul Kalam


Kalam was orphaned as a baby and raised by his grandmother until he was eight. When his grandmother could no longer provide for his basic needs, she brought him to Ibrahimpur where he lived and completed his education.


After attending vocational training, Abdul Kalam was armed with enthusiasm and practical experience. His first job after high school was managing the Ibrahimpur Fish Hatchery, overseeing all functions from raising fish eggs to accounting. 

Today, he is attending the Unani Medical School in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Fulmia - Aminul Islam

pp Fulmia Fam and House-1.jpg

Orphaned at the age of five, Fulmia was left to survive on his own in Dhaka, Bangladesh. His right hand was deformed from a birth defect.

Fulmia lived alone on the streets when Sayed Dayemullah, the founder, invited him to live at Ibrahimpur Orphanage. The invitation saved

Fulmia’s life.

There, Fulmia found basic necessities and an invaluable education. He thrived at Ibrahimpur, graduating at the head of his class in 2003.

Today, Fulmia has a government job taking care of hundreds of orphans in Ibrahimpur. He owns his own home and is married with two beautiful daughters and a son. This stunning turn of events was made possible by your contributions.

Fatima Ahktar

pp Fatima Big copy-1.jpg

Fatima Ahktar was given a second chance in life. Orphaned at 17, Fatima arrived at Ibrahimpur in 2009. She was one of the first girls to live in the Girls Dormitory. Defying all odds, Fatima graduated from High School and enrolled

at Dhaka University.

Today, she is happily married, completing her Masters Degree in Sociology, and has served as Supervisor of the Girls Dormitory.


The girls that Fatima supervised come from extreme poverty. Thanks to your support, they can all work toward a bright future.

Mohammad Abdur Rahim

pp Rahim LR more.jpg

At 8 years old, Abdur Rahim’s father passed away. His grieving mother could not provide for her son and made the agonizing decision to send him to an orphanage. Rahim arrived at Ibrahimpur frightened, yet he began to thrive as he was surrounded by caring teachers and staff.


Rahim made friends, played hard and studied harder. Graduating at the top of his high school class, Rahim earned a FKSI college scholarship to attend the Unani Medical School in Dhaka. Again, he excelled and graduated at the top of his class.

Today, Rahim is the Chief Doctor of Unani Medicine at our Dayemi Pharmacy in Dhaka and has a clinic at the Ibrahimpur facility. Life has completely changed for Rahim. He supports his family, even though they did not have the means to support him as a little boy.


Your investment in FKSI has made a bright future possible for Abdur Rahim and his family.

Tanzina Aktar

Tanzina w youtube Logo.jpg

 When she was 10, Tanzina Aktar and her four sisters were without parents, as well as the means to take care of themselves. Tanzina and her sister came to Ibrahimpur in 2010. “Here we have full access to education, and we are living well. Back home, there was no one to take care of us even if we were sick. The staff takes care of us very well, so that we don’t feel the absence of our parents.”


Tanzina hopes that those who are able will continue to support For Kids’ Sake International so that children can have a better life and a better chance of building a good future.

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