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Your Impact in Bangladesh

Your contributions provide a better life for thousands of children in Bangladesh. With your support, every child has three meals a day, clean drinking water, a bed to sleep in, and access to high quality medical care and education. In addition, your support provides for continual improvements in infrastructure and cottage industry development.  The year-by-year progress is outlined below.

The Bangladeshi government awarded our Ibrahimpur School with a grant that fully funds the construction of a new four-story wing at the Ibrahimpur School.


The Ibrahimpur School recently won the Best in its Division, out-ranking 500 other schools! While Ibrahimpur has been ranked the top in its district out of 50 schools for many years, this new award marks a new level of excellence.



At the Ibrahimpur Orphanage the construction of the dining hall has entered its second phase. Also adjacent to the dining hall, the first new and modernized kitchen is being built.


The Ibrahimpur School just opened our newest small business, a new Dormitory! ​The new Dorm is 3,360 square feet, has 5 bathroom stalls, an arsenic free tube well, and a 450 square feet kitchen and storage space. This building will soon be home to 44 eager students whose monthly fees will support the orphans living in the neighboring dorms. 

You Can Help These Kids Today

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